Finding Balance in the Age of Digital Overload | Social on the GO!!! |

When the Author Dean Whitney says: "You need a “system” you can trust" I think it is right. Today we have so many information so that we really need a system [note Martin Gysler]


It's a new year and a great time to talk about goals and balance. If you are like me, your work is always with you. You wake up and check your email on the computer and if you're not near the computer, the iPhone or Blackberry is always within reach. As digital information becomes more accessible so to does our ability to communicate. For every actionable email there seems to be 10 emails with useful information and 100 useless cc's and spam emails. Then there’s the rest of life: mental, spiritual and physical realities. Our real world relationships, our dreams and our health needs to be in balance with all this digital information. Without proper and directed focus, years can go by without making significant progress.


Your life goals don’t ask you for permission to use “push notifications”


S.U.D.S or “Seemingly Unimportant Decisions”. Everyday we need to make hundreds, even thousands of decisions. From what to wear, eat, what time to get up, exercise, which emails to reply to, what to read, and how to spend our time. The problem is that all the really important and beneficial tasks don't bug you if you don’t perform them....

Via Martin Gysler