Social Media Branding (Facebook)
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Facebook Timeline For Brands: It's About Storytelling - Forbes

Facebook Timeline For Brands: It's About Storytelling - Forbes | Social Media Branding (Facebook) |
Guest post written by Jamie Tedford Jamie Tedford is founder at CEO of Brand Networks, a social branding consultancy. Jamie Tedford As anticipated, Facebook Timeline for Pages was announced Wednesday.

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Yong Ong's insight:

After gaining positive first impression, its legit for a brand to keep up to consumer expectation. Content being shared on timeline should not only just focus on up-to-date information of the company. The history of the company and the corporate culture should not be overseen too. 


For instance, Ogilvy and Mather, an international marketing firm have their Facebook page constantly spreading their corporate culture. The timeline constantly post motivating posts containing creative elements. This do not only show the corporate culture but also  expose their creative capabilities to potential customers on their Facebook page. 


Besides that, the French luxurious brand, Chanel had posted a series of short clip on Facebook timeline to showcase the history of Chanel over the past century. The video had gained massive "likes" on Facebook.  Elements of brand culture and history had been displayed in the clips that gained massive popularity. 


Corporate history and corporate culture should not be overseen and should be updated along with up-to-date information about the company. 

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17 Wicked Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo

17 Wicked Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo | Social Media Branding (Facebook) |
Want to make an epic first impression with your cover photo? Try using these 17 wicked ways to use your Facebook cover photo to its full advantage.

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Yong Ong's insight:

Building up a good image is essential to many individual, product or services. In this information technology age, where social media marketing is essential for almost all goods that are available in the market, the first impression on social network platform such as Facebook could simply decide its popularity in the market.


A right cover photo of a Facebook page could help lure the appetite of potential customers toward the product. This picture is required to be delivering ideas and information to customer directly. Messages such as announcements, brief description of products and event promotion could be shown on cover photo. This could either etch positive or negative image on targeted customers.  Creating a positive first impression could spark interest in consumers, then further browsing and explore of the brand could potentially be carried out by the consumers. 


Beisdes that, companies could utilise the cover photo of consumers. For instance, consumer would post their photo of drinking a bottle of  Ace of Spade Champaign. The showing off behaviour of certain group of consumer could be exploited and use it as a platform to gain popularity to the brand. 


Nevertheless, there is risk of posting prohibited photos that are against the terms and conditions of Facebook. Photos with labels such as price, discounts, to like, share or comment are strictly prohibited. 


Therefore, it is believe that utilising cover photo on Facebook well could help in branding and marketing. However, the terms and conditions of posting should be taken into deep consideration.


Kimberly Castleberry's curator insight, November 2, 2013 10:36 PM

Looking for some stellar examples of great Facebook cover images to give you some ideas? Check out these 17 great covers before you sit down with your graphic designer and get an idea of what you want! Some of these are pretty cool!

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This Is the Absolute Best Day to Post on Facebook - TIME

This Is the Absolute Best Day to Post on Facebook - TIME | Social Media Branding (Facebook) |
Economic Times
This Is the Absolute Best Day to Post on Facebook
Businesses on Facebook are being forced to reevaluate their social media marketing strategies as their posts continue to reach fewer and fewer users.
Yong Ong's insight:

Besides having a good marketing plan, the marketer should be observant and pay attention to how community or targeted consumer behave on social networking sites. Marketer should constantly evaluate their social media marketing strategies, and try gaining maximum utility to the strategy. 


From the research, we can observe that, people would actively surf social media pages most frequently on Friday and follow by Thursday. Nevertheless, the lowest activity frequency falls on Monday. Marketer should gain an insight of the behaviour of social media surfer from this research, and act upon it.


More prioritised post could be posted on Friday and Thursday. While some inspiring and motivating post could be shared on Monday, as its believe that many people might feel blue on monday enjoying 2 days off. This could aid in building a bridge between customer and the brand by acknowledging the feelings of customers. 


Consumer behaviour should be taken into consideration to maximise the utility of social media marketing. 

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