What Do You Know? Examining the Big 4 Online Answer Sites | SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about! | Scoop.it

[You can use the Big 4 online Answer Sites for market research, content ideas, and to build credibility and thought leadership for you and your company. Here's how.]

An ideal connection between social media and search might just be “Answer” sites. The essential concept behind an answer site is that visitors can post a question eager to get it answered by someone considered an expert, who is knowledgeable in the subject matter. The response could also be powered by public knowledge with consensus determining the “best” answer. Answer sites offer users the capability to be both the inquisitor and the expert. More often than not, in basic human interaction, we can answer each others’ questions based on our own personal familiarity. We can achieve this on a massive scale using these Answer Sites.

Create Content That Answers Your Customers’ Questions

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