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I posted this a few weeks ago, I'm sure not everyone saw it and it is definitely worth posting again. Lots of information and strategy.


Nine ways to make curation work for your brand.


Become a Content Curation King


Sean Carton | August 29, 2011


"Curation" is a buzzword (even if it isn't technically a word…unless you count the 14th century French definition meaning "to cure") that's smokin' up the interwebs these days. Launching into the blogosphere virtually from nowhere in 2009, it's now one of those terms that's essential to any digital marketer on the cutting edge (or for anyone who wants to sound like one).


Curation has now come to mean the act of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a coherent way, organized around a specific topic(s). However, unlike automated services (such as Google News), the essential difference of curation is that there's a human being doing the sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing. Just as a museum curator must decide which artifacts to display during an exhibition, an online curator decides what information available online is appropriate and relevant to her audience.


Making curation work for your brand is a lot easier said than done. As countless would-be content curation kings (and queens) have found out, just gathering a lot of links together doesn't guarantee anything except that you'll spend a lot of time curating links. You need to commit resources to both curation and promotion if you're going to be successful. And that's just the first step. To truly succeed as a curator, you need to think like a curator (not just an aggregator) and keep the following in mind:...

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