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Yes, this article goes to the points that can be painful for anyone who is active on social media. I read this post with interest and I could see that the solutions proposed are logical but very useful. [note mg]

You may love social media, but even the biggest fans of the social web will find some sources of frustration. What is your social media pain point? I thought I'd explore some of the main ones I've identified and offer up some potential solutions.

1. Managing Your Profile and Reputation

So many networks, so many different audiences and connections. Maybe you’re feeling like you have split personalities: being professional on LinkedIn, running at the mouth on Twitter, then letting your hair down on Facebook. But wait! You forgot that you’re connected with your boss or your client on Facebook. Panic ensues. Or what if someone is Googling your name before interviewing you for a job. What will they find? Over the last 10 years, we’ve all learned some tough lessons about what it means to be digital.

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