7 Features I Look For During Blog Audits | SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about! | Scoop.it

It’s funny how clients’ needs evolve over time. For example, I’ve been noticing that most clients who come to Outspoken Media seeking blog consulting services these days aren’t asking whether or not they should take the plunge and create a corporate blog. In 2012, they’ve already got that.

Now what they’re looking to do is get more from that blog. They’re looking to hire a social media agency to help them increase engagement, usability and the overall function of their blog. I’m lucky that many of these audits and strategy documents fall on my plate, which means I get to look at awesome blogs and make them even more awesome. Who wouldn’t love that?

When I’m creating recommendations for those blogs, below are a few of the features I keep an eye out for. While there’s obviously way more things that go into constructing a great blog, the ones mentioned below have a high bang-for-the-buck ratio.

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