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This post has been making the rounds but it is so right on, I couldn't resist bringing it into this collection.

I particularly love this poster because it contains great story wisdom!

I particularly like its focus on characters. If you can focus on creating and conveying your characters well, it makes all the difference in crafting compelling biz stories.

I also like: #7 -- come up with an ending first. Yes! Figure this out first and crafting the rest of your story will be much easier. Just be willing to have a new more powerful ending emerge as you work on your story. That happens sometimes!

The only rule I don't find helpful when crafting business stories is #4 -- the simple story spine. It's OK to get you started, but in reality, our business stories are much more varied in type and structure. So don't think this rule is the entire universe of story structure.

I would also add one additional rule: craft your biz stories to inspire action. Remember that all of our business stories must include a call to action, and be structured in such a way that they inspire action in your audience. 

OK OK -- one other thing to remember -- storytelling is an art form. Knowing the rules is important for mastering the art form. But like all art, not being confined by the rules is just as important. So don't be a slave to this list.

Other than that, print these 'rules' out, tack the sheet by your computer, break a rule occasionally, and rock on!

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