The Good And Bad Of Social Media In A Democracy | Social Media Explorer | Social Media Marketing Strategies |
Comparing social media in the U.S. to that in China brings to mind the fact the American government has yet to chime in on social media. Soon, it will.


With #SOPA #PIRACY concerns this topic should be taken very seriously. 


What this means for those of us in America, and other Western countries for that matter, is that only now are the lawsuits beginning. Our governments have not reacted to how we use the social web because, for the most part, to date no one has been hurt. But as more businesses and individuals become more knowledgeable and savvy with how social media works, who uses it and for what reason, more will find legal reasons to legislate how we use it.

Expect court cases to be in the news in the coming months and years that not only tell us how we can use social media, but how we can’t.