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Rescooped by Keith Bradley from Social Media Content Curation!

Curating Content: Why You Should Promote Other People’s Stuff

Curating Content: Why You Should Promote Other People’s Stuff | Social Media strategies |

When I sat in a room of public relations officers for colleges and universities and suggested that, in certain situations, they might want to let their students know about events happening on a rival campus across town, they all looked at me like I was a complete idiot.


Why would we ever want to “send our people” elsewhere?


Here’s why: Because people will come to know and love you as a trusted source who understands them and their needs.

This idea of knowing your target audience so well that you are able to sift through all the information, resources, and events out there produced by other nonprofits (and businesses for that matter), and recommend the best of it to your participants and supporters is, I believe, an essential part of your role as a professional marketer today. When you do that sorting, sifting, and sharing, it’s called “curating content” in today’s marketing language.....

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Keith Bradley's insight:

Very few people know it all. And even fewer people are willing to admit that they don't know it all. Anyone at the top of their game professionally has learned from others along the way and those who stay at the top never stop learning. The issue becomes who has time to learn everything themselves? Not many folks has the time to do all the leg work nor is that the best way to spend your time. If folks are already putting out great info, share it. Ultimately it saves you and the people who look to you for answers time.  

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Scooped by Keith Bradley!

Even when you gotta go, social media goes too

Even when you gotta go, social media goes too | Social Media strategies |
Nielsen has new data showing that Americans are spending more time on social networks than last year.
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