Are we witnessing the birth of a new Social Network? | Social Media sites |

Imagine being able to connect with friends, create status updates that can be as detailed as blog posts, check into and recommend local restaurants, find great news stories and share them with connections, upload images and even create short video snippets.


Sound familiar? If it sounds like Google+, with maybe some Vine and Foursquare thrown into the mix, there's good reason for that. When Google decided to create their new social network, it was a combination of a new platform and strong tie-ins to other platforms, like YouTube, which had been acquired.


So when Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo! as CEO in June, 2012, it's clear that she created a strategy for the Internet Giant to once again become relevant. But what, exactly, that strategy was hasn't been clear. Until now.

Via Jeff Domansky, James Douglass