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Rapid prototyping. Rapid prototyping means coming up with an idea, bringing it to life and then conceiving the next idea while the first program is hatching. Current tools and technologies allow anyone to engage in rapid prototyping. But relatively few will do it well.


Collaborate in a non-zero sum game. Technologists appreciate how they play a non-zero sum game, where one's success doesn't inherently lead to another's failure; there can be multiple winners or losers.   For most technologists, collaboration is not just what they do, it embodies who they are. As CMOs embrace technologists' values, they're going to find more people in marketing leadership roles not just willing to but eager to collaborate.


Stay up on the skills that matter. It's not just technical skills that need to evolve. Tackling … questions requires new skill sets, building on more established skills of seeing the world from the consumers' perspective.


Live in constant beta. On a much bigger scale, every half-decent app in the major mobile-app stores have iterated, usually significantly, since the first version was released. Similarly, be wary of any product ordered through a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The first generation is almost always disappointing in some or many ways. Technologists know that they must evolve, adapt and iterate everything that they do.


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