Teens 2012: Truth, Trends, and Myths About Teen Online Behavior - Kristen Purcell | Social Media Resources & e-learning | Scoop.it

   How teens use the internet, mobile phones, social media and social networking sites, as well as teencommunication preferences and online information consumption.

   More than 75 percent of teens are on social-media sites, with 93 percent of them on Facebook, according to the Pew Internet study that examined the behavior of teens online: http://slidesha.re/PSsGbU

   The study shows that teens turn to text messaging for communication instead of writing e-mails. 6 percent of teens use e-mail daily, while 39 percent say they never use e-mail. In contrast, 63 percent of teens text everyday, with some teens texting up to 100 messages a day.

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