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I love hiking and mountains, and fortunately, Oregon is one of the best places to experience both!

But sometimes, I truly wish I lived in Kansas. This sentiment was especially strong last weekend when my husband suggested we hike up Salmon Butte, which involved a 12-mile, 3,000-foot trek near Mt. Hood Oregon. I’m slow and steady on the trail, with 7-8 mile jaunts comfortably within my “do-able” zone, but this trip posed a new challenge – it was the longest and most elevation gain hike I’ve ever attempted.


Add on the fact that there was going to be snow involved at some point at the higher elevations, and I knew this was going to be one of those experiences that really tested who I am as a person.


We set out on a cold and frosty morning, spurred on by weather reports that at higher altitudes, the weather was clear and we would be guaranteed great views–provided that we made it to the top of Salmon Butte...

Via Martin Gysler