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This post was written by Leigh Fatzinger who attended this year’s F8 conference, is CEO of Seattle social media software company Prosodic and founder of Nology Media.




When Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, takes the stage at the one-day annual Developers Conference, something is about to change on the landscape of social...


Here's what caught my attention:


Open Graph, whose capabilities enable a richer, more direct relationship between individuals and the places, events, and content they care about.


Companies such as Spotify, Goodreads, Yahoo, Wetpaint and Netflix showcased their Open Graph apps, signaling the evolution of a platform where media is only ‘teed up’ by the publisher, and


**where deep interaction, discussion and sharing between users can finally occur.


This is a welcome change. Brands on Facebook who made great efforts to present quality content on Facebook could, in some instances, be penalized by its popularity.

Users who want to interact with great content on large Facebook Pages can easily become lost in meaningless streams of user commentary.


**The new changes rely substantially on the activity and influence of your friends for engagement and interaction, reducing the size of the influence circle, but making it more relevant.


Sound familiar?

As a social media entrepreneur, I see Facebook’s new content and canvas strategy as an extraordinary opportunity for brands and publishers.


Users will have the ability to express preference and share experiences in entirely new ways.


**Smart brands will recognize their role within the canvas of their audience, using creativity to shape ‘serendipity” as Zuckerberg termed it, without coming across as pushy or salesy.



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