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Robin Good: Everytime I see a new post or article claiming to list the best content curation tools I know I am in for some disappointment.


Most of these lists just pick up names from other lists without even bothering to check, test or verify what these tools actually do, whether they are still available. Unfortunately the rush to put out "curated" list of tools and services has created more misinformation than useful lists. 


But if you, like me, are on the lookout for new and effective tools to curate your own content or the one of your customers, I have created a comprehensive map of all the curation tools available online and I keep it fresh and updated almost on a daily basis.


The map presently lists over 250 content curation tools which you can navigate much more easily than it was possible on my earlier versions of this map.


On the right side of the map you will find all of the news and content curation tools available online today. On the left side, you can find bookmarking, link lists builders, clippers and lots of tools to operate with RSS feeds (which are still at the heart of a curator's job).

Full map: http://bit.ly/ContentCurationUniverse  

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****** No one I trust more to determine the best list of new STUFF (tools) than Robin. Marty

Via Robin Good, Nikola Pohlupkov, Martin (Marty) Smith