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"Streamlike is « the source of streaming »:
- It is an integrated media management solution (encoding, hosting, delivery to all devices and analytics).


Streamlike provides answers to all needs related to online media by providing a multi-service platform powered by a proprietary streaming technology. Streamlike also teams with partners to provide all types professional services in relation with their digital strategy.


The needs of corporations, administrations, associations and the like are not those of individuals. Online media bear a strategic value, as they convey their image. Delivery must be immediate, universal, optimized and controlled.
... [En savoir plus]

The Streamlike platform performs multiple encodings to maximize quality and minimize bandwidth usage, based on the playback mode and the connection available to the user. High-definition - reserved for full screen viewing - is therefore accessible to more Internet users. ... [En savoir plus]

WebTVs and RIA:

Organize your growing volume of video content into webTVs, for easy searching and browsing using tags, playlists, keywords, etc... ... [En savoir plus]


Professional Services:
Streamlike professionnals will accompany your technical staff throughout multimedia projects and will help you find and manage external resources when needed. ... [En savoir plus]"


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Visit http://www.vidcompare.com/video-provider-detail.php?id=149 for more details (including sample player) as well as, info from many other online video platforms.

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