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social media metrics

social media metrics | Social Media Metrics |
Social media metrics - If you are engaging in social media than you should be measuring your activities. Here are 5 metrics that you should be measuring.

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In this article, the writer gives us a few tips on how businesses should be measuring their success or failures through all their social media. While there are already some “programs” built in like Facebook Insights, there are some other programs like Nuvi that can be used to measure an even greater amount of data. The first metric this article focuses on is volume and looking into how much your business is being talked about over a period of time. The second is share of voice and the idea behind this one is for companies to be aware of what they are doing in comparison to their competitors as well as in the industry as a whole.

Delving further into the article, we can see how beneficial reach is for a company as it can look into how far your conversations have gone and also what potential your company has to keep spreading the word. With sentiment, this particular insight can be extremely useful for understanding how customers feel about a brand. This can be measured using automatic sentiment analysis that can automatically categorize people’s comments into positive, negative, and neutral. The last insight is engagement and arguably the most important of the five. With this one businesses look at retweets, shares, comments, and replies to name a few. The best advice is said to be to create content that encourages interaction so that people will start talking about the brand and will help to spread the word on their own accord. This free “word of mouth” marketing can be so beneficial as people are far more likely to take on a friendly recommendation from someone they know in real life over some company online telling them to do so.

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Five social media metrics to measure.

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Incredible Social Media Statistics - 2013 Edition [INFOGRAPHIC]

Incredible Social Media Statistics - 2013 Edition [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social Media Metrics |
As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014, it’s fitting we pay tribute to the multitude of social media channels available. After all, the popularity of these channels only continued to surge throughout 2013—and this will likely continue in 2014.

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This Scoop it article brought to light a very interesting intake about many of the highlights of social media over the course of the year 2013. It doesn’t take much to realize that our world is becoming more fast-paced and traditional means of advertising just aren’t cutting it for new generations’ poor attention spans. This article described many interesting insights in looking comparatively between some of the more popular websites. One thing that I found to be intriguing was the part where they talked about how there was actually a higher traffic percentage for site visits for Pinterest than there were for Facebook. The article hints at more businesses may be turning towards the former for future advertising endeavors. Many businesses now have Facebook pages and so some more companies may make the push to expand their social media into other growing websites like Pinterest. The article also mentions how businesses who have adapted to using vine videos are about four times more likely to have their video watched than regular branded videos. Being a person who has grown up in a digital age, I can understand how using a vine would be extremely beneficial. Most people do not have the patience to watch entire minute videos let alone thirty second ads. However with vines, these make it hard to skip past and I feel like even with six seconds, they give way to a lot of creativeness. Branding through vine with a short ad helps companies only put important content into their ads and are generally much more straight to the point. Lastly, LinkedIn has had an excellent year as they have pleased their account holders to the point where 40% of them have decided to pay for their premium package. This further proves the effectiveness that LinkedIn offers for jobs since so many of its users are willing to pour more of their money into this site. Overall, the 2013 year has showcased that social media is quickly becoming a very popular mean of advertising. It also helps to get consumers to participate and involved themselves with the brand which is something that traditional branding just simply cannot do as easily.

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