Be A MENSCH Not A DeFriender Since Unfriending On Facebook Can HURT | Social Marketing Revolution |

Quick IM Lesson For Non-IMers
If you don't work in Internet marketing you may not realize every blog post, social net and Tweet is connected and summarized into a Klout score. Here is my Klout score profile page:

The key chart shows Facebook is half of my Klout score. Klout is being used in job interviews and to asses legitimacy of ideas like Right now I have 567 Facebook followers mostly friends form Choate, Vassar and my jobs with P&G, M&M/Mars and NutraSweet (some startup friends too).

When you defriend someone you hurt their Klout score and that could be a very big deal. My Facebook churns - Five come on and five drop off. If you are a friend of mine and I did something that makes you want to hit the UNFRIEND button please tell me what it was so I don't do it again (share WHY even if you go ahead and hit the unfriend button as at least then I will know how to avoid more drop offs).

if your Facebook KLOUT is strong and you unfriend then damage is multiplied. I can't think of a GOOD reason to delist someone from your Facebook. Even the most ardent Facebook content creators don't post more than a few times a day (shoot every second a thousand messages hit my twitter feeds).

Please try to be CAREFUL about defriending your friends who are Internet marketers since to do so could cost them jobs and in my case literaly millions for #curingcancer..

If hurting them is what you want then learn a lesson from a cancer survivor - Life is too short to be that mad about nothing at all. I suspect most "de-frienders" have no idea clicking on defriend could hurt the person they are defriending.

I ONLY defriend for spam and will never defriend people I went to school with or know from the various weigh stations of my career. So please don't draw the defriend gun out unless you really mean to inflict HARM (and even then don't defriend).