Pinterest Marketing: 3 Pinterest Tips via @kimandphilstone [+ Pinterest vs. Twitter] | Social Marketing Revolution |

Phil Stone Knows Pinterest
Phil has almost 18,000 followers on Pinterest. This post shares three great and easy to use Pinterest marketing tips:

* Repin.

* Make Comments.

* Follow Others.

Those are great tips for any social net including Twitter and G+. Phil's post shares how to develop community with Pinterest. BTW, recently I had a "horse race" to 4K followers between Twitter and Pinterest.

Both Twitter and Pinterest were approach 4,000 followers. Here is where we are today for ScentTrail:

@Scenttrail 3,973
Scenttrail on Pinterest 4,082

so Pinterest grew Scenttrail's community 3% faster adding 109 more followers and I spend MUCH less time curating and creating on Pinterest than Twitter. This is NOT to say Twitter should or can be eliminated from your social media marketing. 

Everything works together tapestry style, but Pinterest builds community faster and with less effort than Twitter based on my numbers.