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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Our KINGDOM for A NAME - Help A Startup NOT Jump Off The Roof!

Our KINGDOM for A NAME - Help A Startup NOT Jump Off The Roof! | Social Marketing Revolution |
CrowdFunde moved away from where we started. We need a new name and hope you will VOTE for your favorite name or share ideas of your own.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I swear beating cancer was easier than finding this darn name (lol). Marty

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Is Crowdfunding A New Marketing Channel? A: Yes

Is Crowdfunding A New Marketing Channel? A: Yes | Social Marketing Revolution |

Crowdfunding As New Channel
If a "channel" is a set of tactics who’s ROI exceeds its costs then YES crowdfunding can become a new channel. Current Internet marketing channels include:

* Social Media Marketing.

* Email Marketing.

* Websites and other digital publishing platforms.

* Pay Per Click Ads (PPC).
* Content Marketing.

* Content Curation.
* Video Marketing.
* Cause Marketing.
* Event Marketing.
* Mobile Marketing.

* Traditional advertising.

* Crowdfunding.

You may notice SEO is not on the list. Search Engine Optimization used to be a distinct channel. One could argue technical SEO should remain a channel, but I think technical SEO belongs as a tactic in each of those channels.

You might think of crowdfunding as a subset of social or content marketing. We don't. We think crowdfunding ideas; content, promotions and product development will become an ecommerce channel in the next two years.

Imagine you have a crowdfunding board showing the latest coolest gizmos or thinking in whatever business you are. What will happen with that content? Content that viral will be shared, LIKED and blogged about.

User Generated Content, (UGC) the one content all ecommerce merchants need and can't buy, flows into crowdfunding like streams into a river. The coolest part of all of this CHEAP UGC is not only is it VIRAL and SOCIAL but it is addictive and fun.

In this game you are the BANK and make money either way. If your ideas get funded you make money. If THEIR ideas get funded YOU make money. If your ideas don't get funded you SAVE MONEY.

Yes, the team at CrowdFunde believes crowdfunding is a new channel.


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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Social Media GOLD Lessons via The Pit & The Bank (via @ThePitBBQ & @FoodBankCENC )

Social Media GOLD Lessons via The Pit & The Bank (via @ThePitBBQ & @FoodBankCENC ) | Social Marketing Revolution |

SMM Lessons From The Pit & The Food Bank
Poking fun at my @CrowdFunde cofounder Phil Buckley today I wrote a new caption for The Pit's Cuegrass photo. I noted that either Phil was holding court or Cuegrass was coming soon.

My "inside" joke with my partner Phil, former "Mayor" of The Pit BBQ in Raleigh, NC, IS THE MOST DISCUSSED CONTENT on my social nets today. Let that statement sink in for a minute.

What do you call it when someone blows up your Tweet? Answer: Social Media GOLD.

My "inner circle" social nets have about 12,000 followers. I share content from (daily shares with 2,300 followers @Martin (Marty) Smith ), G+ (2,896 followers share daily ),Twitter (@Scenttrail 4,200 followers share daily ) and  Pinterest (4,929 followers post daily ) and the most shared post today is an "inside" joke with a handful of friends.

A handful of friends and some SMART social media marketers shared some great social media marketing lessons today!

The Pit, our favorite BBQ joint in downtown Raleigh immediately RTed my new caption of their photo with a supportive tag ("now that's a caption"). The Pit's RT prompted several Cuegrass, the event I wrote the new caption for, vendors to RT too.

This is the POWER of the recognized conversation.

The Pit could have been MAD I wrote a new caption for their Cuegrass event pic. Nope, too smart for that they provided encouragement and RTed demonstrating what Phil and I are working so hard to create at CrowdFunde - conversations RULE.

AND the more responsive, lean, funny and fun your social content is the more shares you achieve. The more shares you achieve the more awareness you gain. When I opened a new chapter on Cuegrass the Pit jumped on it. Now I see Phil got home and joined the conversation. Phil's nets are the size of mine so the Pit just picked up 20,000 potential followers or attendees at this year's Cuegrass (I still don't even know what it is lol). 

So, not only is the Pit the home of our favorite BBQ and Cuegrass, but today they've put their secret rub down long enough to share two important social marketing lessons:

* When someone is talking about YOU ENCOURAGE THEM.
* Encourage them IN Social Media so the "lesson' is immediately shared and "social kudos" points transfer. 

Duh, who knew. Actually LISTENING and being SOCIAL are important to social media marketing success. The Pit knew, several of their vendors know and the Food Bank knows ( ). In Fact my "cool follow of the day" award goes to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina since they FOLLOWED ME!

Not giving them the award for following me as much as seeing a great conversation and jumping in with both feet. Every Twitter following that is only a tiny % of those following them could take a lesson from the Food Bank. You can't create relationships with people you don't follow.

And, as the Food Bank demonstrated, when you see a great conversation happening jump in, SHARE and FOLLOW. What do you call it when someone writes a new caption for your photo? Answer: User Generated Content GOLD and I hope you are as smart about what to do with SMM gold as the tribe that formed around my "inside joke" on The Pit's Cuegrass photo today.

And whatever Cuegrass is and whenever it is happening I hope it is as fun as the picture :). Marty

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