How to Create an Enchanting Pitch - Holy Kaw! | Social Media Marketing II |

I’m going to start with a little dissertation on creating effective PowerPoint pitches for your company.


This post is from Guy Kawasaki and it's great. His topic?  How to create an Enchanting Pitch -- in otherwords, how to tell your story to get the contract/client/funds.


In addition to the 11-step structure he gives you, you can also download his PowerPoint deck for you to fill in. He talks about what to add in each slide.


Even if you never have to give a business presentation about your products/services, fill out the slide deck to help you figure out your story.


Guy's tips don't really go into specific storytelling devices you need to use (metaphor, contrast, sensory material, characters). But think of each slide as the place to share a personal story.


What a terrific tool and how-to! Make sure you read the article, grab the file, and start using it.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz