The last few inches of marketing is about relationship building | Social Media e Innovación Tecnológica |

A different digital world is on the horizon: one of sensors and beacons ready to pinpoint our location to within a few inches.


And marketers are eager to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Only these last few inches of marketing aren't about sales opportunities and customer conversions. They are about trust and relationships.


Marketing has pushed, pulled, and evolved a lot over the last few decades to one end: getting closer to the consumer.


Think about just the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing. With digital, marketers are able to have one to one conversations with their audiences, they can analyze and understand audience behavior through different digital touchpoints, providing a much more personalized experience.


You can’t do that through a magazine article or advertisement. Digital has enabled a truly fundamental change to the way that marketers engage with their audience.

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.