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Scooped by Victor De Jesus!

Mashtags? Like, epic fail buddy. The social media marketing gone #wrong - The Guardian

Mashtags? Like, epic fail buddy. The social media marketing gone #wrong - The Guardian | Social media marketing |
The Guardian
Mashtags? Like, epic fail buddy.
Victor De Jesus's insight:

this article i found to be really interesting.

in summary it was about how companies are trying to relate to the youth with all of this social media stuff, moreover how they over and misuse the idea of hashtags -- pound sign which brings all of one topic together into a link. everyone whos posted anything with that topic, if hashtagged, will be grouped and seen on the same page--

dont know how i well i reiterated that but basically its an article on the misuse of hashtags by big companies who are trying to appeal to the younger consumers.

the problem is not that they are trying to relate to us and advertise to us through our favorite communication platforms, its the way they are trying to do it. Its almost an insult. an attempt to mimic the behavior of an entire generation you you came before.

This article does a great job of relating how times were not too long ago. it recalls a time when "there was little else in the world more important than getting home from school in time to sit down to a plastic plate of dehydrated potato, hot from the oven," and connects it to just how simple times were back then in comparison to today when your teatime has become so tweet driven that purveyors of frozen food's have taken notice and stepped up to the challenge of redirecting your attention from the frozen foods you consider quality today, to the even further frozen foods they minimize processes in, in order to profit off literally every single MASHTAG "(#NEW #tasty. No really, it says that on the bag.)"

Furthermore, there were other topics touched on in this article but this section intrigued me the most as it had the most to do with the hastag phenomenon we're being introduced to. Im sure the bad hashtags will only continue to multiply until the next youth finds a way around it again, as we did with twitter when facebook was taken over by business pages and profit driven profiles. 

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Scooped by Victor De Jesus!

The Marketing Corner: Brand Game Changers - The Epoch Times

The Marketing Corner: Brand Game Changers - The Epoch Times | Social media marketing |
The Marketing Corner: Brand Game Changers
The Epoch Times
Multicultural marketing is also at an all-time high. Due to the sheer size of minority groups, they have become very attractive.
Victor De Jesus's insight:

From what i read, this article was very interesting. It spoke on how Marketing is being changed as time goes and how marketers are having to become "quick-change artists" in able to keep up with the fast pace of the industry. Following i will list what things are changing marketing so vastly and rapidly for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Takeovers/Merges: now a days, with so many of these takeovers and buy outs happening, some companies are trying to place ads that encourage brand interaction. They are looking for content to blend right into the content of the web.

Greater use of research data:archetypes are now being relied on more than ever to really understand all aspects of a given audience. best practices involve insight on how audiences view themselves and basically how to tap into them.

Programming with legs: Marketers now a days aren't looking for a typical ad placement on the billboard off i95 south. Now a days game changers like the superbowl make it so that an ad can help the brand reach multiple platforms by having just as much importance on the commercials as on the game itself. Marketers are buying up time on TV series like "scandal" to promote on popular shows they know will be seen by a wide range of viewers.

Multicultural Marketing Increase: In the US, the Hispanic population exceeds 52 million and African-Americans represent 38 million. Each is expected to experience population growth and increased spending over the next few years. Due to the sheer size of minority groups, it is expected that with the growth in potential spending, they will spend a lot more money marketing the percentage of business they represent.

Mobile: Reports show that up to 45% of Hispanics and 46% of African Americans between the ages of 18-34 are smart phone owners. these dedicated young adults are more prone to leaving their wallets at home than their smart phones.

These are all examples of how marketing is being changed into a new game in which markets and marketers a like will have to adjust to, in order to maintain a handle on their target audience before the next big ad from the competition scoops them up.

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