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Pinterest focus of retailers' latest advertising push - Fox News

Pinterest focus of retailers' latest advertising push - Fox News | Social Media Marketing |
Pinterest focus of retailers' latest advertising push
Fox News
NEW YORK – Target, Nordstrom and other big chains are pinning their hopes of attracting shoppers on social media.
Chris Perkowski's insight:

An interest in Pinterest comes as retailers increasingly realize the power of social media sites to steer business their way. They've found while smartphone toting Americans are spending time opining and posting photos online, they also can be encouraged to spend money.Pinterest might be more valuable to retailers than some of its rivals. Data shows that Pinterest users shop more when they follow links to retailers' web sites. When "pinners" buy, the average order value is $199.16, compared with $92.27 for Facebook and $58.02 for Twitter, according to data analytics company RichRelevance.

I think retailers should take advantage of what Pinterest has to offer. Pins can be used to find anything on the web, whether its products, services, or articles. 

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Mobile pushes online advertising up 19.3pc

Mobile pushes online advertising up 19.3pc | Social Media Marketing |
ONLINE advertising failed to crack the $4bn mark in 2013 — but at $3.986bn it wasn’t far off and, as expected, overtook the $3.877bn free-to-air TV advertising market in a calendar year for the first time.
Chris Perkowski's insight:

The emergence of a robust mobile and video advertising market pushed general display advertising revenues 28.4%  higher to $1.125 billion, outpacing the growth in search and directories, which was up 18.1 per cent to $2.118 billion. Classified advertising also grew, up 10.5 per cent for the year to $743 million.

I think this is a significant percentage increase in mobile and video advertising spending. It will be interesting to see how long this growth can be sustained until it is surpassed by a new form of marketing and advertising. 

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Selling or not selling on social media...

Selling or not selling on social media... | Social Media Marketing |
... That is truly the question. ;-) A question I often have to debate with participants in my classes. And the perfect idea to start my new advice series. Thank you to Véronique Mermaz, of For Your Brand Only, for asking me to talk about it.
Chris Perkowski's insight:

Many people expect coupons and ads to be delivered to their doorsteps, so that they can visit stores and try products. They will then pursue or break  the relationship depending on the level of service they have received or the quality of those products.

Things are different online. Audiences will not purchase anything if the companies have not proven their worth beforehand. Audiences have the power. And they do not hesitate to make their voices heard whether they are happy or not. When it comes to social media content, 8 out of 10 of your shares should be valuable and relevant to your audience while the rest can be self-promotional.

I think the ideas in this article are extremely accurate. Social media marketing today is all about real time up-to-date information whether it's from a company, organization or a customer. Many people trust the reviews and shares of other customers rather than the proclamations of the company trying to sell you their products. This article accurately explains the Pareto Principle as it pertains to social media marketing.  

BlairEvanBall's curator insight, February 25, 2014 4:38 PM

In the Social Media world...if you constantly Sell, Sell, Sell, the audience will run from you. For traditional marketers this is a big switch and continues to be a struggle for many.

The sales people who get it are outperforming their peers with social media being the driving factor for increased customers and sales.

You still have to sell, but the Vilfredo Pareto principal applies, only do it 20% of the time.

Cendrine Marrouat -'s comment, February 25, 2014 9:57 PM
Thank you @John van den Brink for sharing my article!<br><br>@Chris, I appreciate the kind words!
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Why Facebook is booming Small Business

Why Facebook is booming Small Business | Social Media Marketing |

Getting attention on Facebook for your brands and products has proven to be essential yet difficult to achieve. Members of small business have tried may ways to attempt to build their social presence on top social networks like Facebook. 

Via Buy Likes and Followers
Chris Perkowski's insight:

The benefits of increasing your Facebook likes are tremendous due to the fact that by reaching one fan/customer you now have the potential to reach hundreds more. You are only able to do this through the social networking medium. Many business owners and webmasters alike have already noticed the benefits of this statistic and have already begun initiating the necessary steps to start optimizing their websites and associated networks in order to be able to better reach these potential readers, fans, and customers.

Buy Likes and Followers's curator insight, February 7, 2014 9:50 AM

Achieving Facebook success: insight into the future of small business

Peter Calamia's curator insight, February 16, 2014 5:01 PM

Facebook is used by over 70% of the population and increasing. Businesses now, are beginning to understand the ins and outs of properly using facebook for exposure to their brand and/or company. However, many are starting to do this through the procedure of "buying" likes on Facebook. In other terms, companies create their facebook page to deliver information and update their page for the public viewing. Each page accumulates likes on the page so their page pops up on the likers news feed as well as their friends. So, businesses are able to purchase these likes and have it mandatory to pop up on the customers news feed. This exposure happens each and every day, leaving the company in a good position to advertise their products and services. The daily exposure for the companies is good for their business.