2012 Social Media Report: Mobile, Social Care & What This Means For Marketers | social media marketing and strategies | Scoop.it
Nielsen’s just-released “Social Media Report” for 2012 drills deep on mobile, illustrating the inexorable relationship between social and mobile devices. “Time spent on mobile apps and the mobile web account for 63% of the year-over-year growth in overall time spent using social media” the report said. Specifically, mobile apps, which dominate over mobile web in time spent.

As you may have seen from Nielsen’s cross-platform report, second-screen interaction is becoming routine behavior: 41% of tablet owners and 38% of smartphone owners use their device daily in front of the TV screen. Call it our ‘Global living room’ — The skyrocketing adoption and use of social media among consumers is transforming TV watching into a more immediate shared experience.

What’s also very interesting, is the social care brands are taking into consideration as they work on engaging fans and retaining customers. Social media has emerged as one of the most important channels of customer service, with nearly half of US consumers reaching out directly to brands and service providers to voice their satisfaction or complaints, or simply to ask questions — More notably, one in three social media users say they prefer to use social media rather than the phone for customer service issues.