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"Retweets are the backbone of the Twitter network."

 A retweet allows any user’s message to be seen by any and everybody, thanks to the ripple effect.  Theoretically at least, your single tweet could reach 100 million active users.


From Deb:  I agree! Along with the #hashtag, RT = Retweets are gold for building interest & connection, if done well.


Someone who is very effective with RTs is Guy Kawasaki, who recently published another book, "Enchantment."


Here are some of his many re-tweetable, tweets:

  • RT @guykawasaki: 5 ways to update your business communications system [infographic] http://is.gd/DTKqSM
  • Most common & chances for success: RT @guykawasaki: New Year’s resolutions [infographic] http://is.gd/mwkNBh
  • RT @guykawasaki: The whiskey flavor map http://is.gd/kdWEBp

Have I retweeted some of these myself?   Yes, via my own twitter streams @dnrevel for chat and @RevelnConsults for business tweets


Best wishes in great engagement in the 2012 New Year and thanks for visiting the Social Media Learning Lab digital curation news today,


Warmly,   Deb

Via Paulo Simões, ABroaderView