Project Glass - Augmented Reality & Social, Test run by Google co-founder: Report & Charming Video | The Social Media Learning Lab |

"The Google Glasses are real!"  Project Glass, augmented reality lenses from Google, is already being tested by Google employees, including company co-founder Sergei Brin.

This video is already making the rounds on Facebook among my friends.  I wanted to share it here, as it foreshadows social media ease/connection.  

It is also spot on for a precursor of 10 year trend forecasting by Bob Johanssen that allows for virtual/digital alteration of your space, via the ACMP 2012 global change conference, and is representative, I think, of Google media relationship charm.


This week Google officially confirmed the existence of Project Glass, a prototype pair of augmented reality goggles, which will allow users to see maps and chats and take photographs or notes without once reaching down for their smart phones.

"The Google Glasses are real!" popular blogger, Robert Scoble wrote in the Twitter message. Later he added that the goggles "look very light weight. Not much different than a regular set of glasses."

To view the charming, short video Google Glasses (complete with a sweet ukelele finale), go here.

Photo credit:  A screenshot from a Google video promoting Project Glass, a new augmented reality device from the team at Mountain View. - Google