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“Going Virtual: To lead in unfamiliar territory amid constant change, CEOs will need to learn from their own networks. Here's a Google+ Hangout handout to help."

Photo:   The United Nations Secretary-General preparing for the Google+ Hangout virtual meeting.

Here is a handout and a major report reference to help with the increase of virtual connections:

1) Recent results from an extensive study by IBM on how CEO's view face-to-face vs. virtual meetings, and their social media forecast.

2) A practical handout on how to connect using Google+ Hangout.      



I also mention using alternatives AND a back-up plan, such as using one of the free conferencing phone number services.


CEOs will need to learn from their own networks. They will need to assemble those networks like portfolios.

Social media now includes grandmothers maintaining contact with their grandchildren via bedtime stories over Skype.    

Here's a few excerpts from the IBM recent report:

Major findings include:

  • CEO’s are seeing less value in face-to-face encounters and are increasingly pursuing social media and collaboration technologies for interacting with others.

  • Over 50% [of the CEO's interviewed] expect social channels to be a primary way of engaging customers within five years.”

  • 20% of CEO’s said that social media already is one of their most important forms of interaction with others
  • Currently 80% see face-to-face interactions as very important today, that’s expected to slip to just 67 percent who will feel that way in 3-5 years.

This is the first time I've seen a more deliberate report of leadership viewing social as a "what" as well as a "how" in leading.
Collaboration tools help all disciplines within the company to work more closely together.

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