Updates to "People You May Know" on LinkedIn & the Trusted Advisor update via & Viva Las Vegas! | The Social Media Learning Lab | Scoop.it

"Yes, it was Vegas, Baby!   But more than that, it's about the trusted relationships you build on LinkedIn."

If you are local to SE Michigan and are a consultant, coach or small business owner, you might be interested in the one time live workshop covering all the Social Media platforms with Open Space that I'm doing on Saturday, April 21st, 8:30 to 3:00 at Spark East, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Details are on this blog post, along with notes about some pending "People You May Know" updates on LinkedIn including:

  • streamlining the user experience,
  • improving the search algorithm for more relevant, accurate results, and
  • offering a quick, new one-click filtering option for reviewing results from relevant associations.
Thanks go to Scott Allen, who runs the helpful LinkedIn Intelligence blog.  Great info, including an embedded link to a YouTube video <update on the updates> by LinkedIn.
~  Deb