Flaming & Trolls:  Can We Be Emotionally Intelligent Online? | The Social Media Learning Lab | Scoop.it

[Communication on-line and] ....flaming is a combination of social and technological pressures that are suppressing a lot of emotional awareness."


“Flaming is ...more severe in groups than it is in two person exchanges."


“Flaming is one of the most social effects and one of the earliest ones to be commented on because it's much more severe in groups than it is in two person exchanges.   One of the antidotes to flaming – especially in work situations – is to contact the instigator personally by email or phone, if possible." ~ Clay Shirky, professor in NYU's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program

"... texting has showed us is that presence, awareness of someone else in real time, creates a different sense than if we're emailing or commenting on a post, simply because of the acceleration of time.  

Presence can start to convey things more than just “I am here and breathing” and attending to the computer but “I am here and I agree or disagree.”

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