Assets & Facebook's Camera App: Why Instagram Was Worth $1 Billion | The Social Media Learning Lab |
Facebook's new camera app makes it clear that Instagram was worth $1 billion.

This is a good example of a large company sorting through its own assets, Instagram and the new Camera App on Facebook. Choices!  Choices!


If Facebook is going to achieve mobile dominance, it needs to have a Steve Jobs-like clear vision...



Instagram could be Facebook’s YouTube — in other words, an acquisition that becomes monumentally important to its future, and helps it solve a problem it couldn’t solve on its own (like Google Video before Google bought YouTube.)

If Facebook is going to achieve mobile dominance, it needs to have a Steve Jobs-like clear vision. That means recognizing whether or not it makes sense to release an also-ran photo app when you just spent $1 billion buying the competition.

...If Facebook is concerned about losing ground in the mobile photo space, releasing a knock-off standalone app isn’t going to do it any favors.

If anything, the company would have been better off simply integrating the truly excellent photo-only browse mode into the main Facebook app — in other words, improving the main show first.