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"Think about cultural shifts enabled by social media, YouTube ...comes vibrantly to mind. ...big, wide and deep."

Jeff Bullas makes some wonderful points about the overlooked impact of YouTube.  Aside from videos of puppies, dogs, cats & kittens, there's so much depths of how You Tube affects our "global collective consciousness."


...when I think about cultural shifts enabled by social media, YouTube is the place that comes most vibrantly to mind. It’s big, wide and deep.

Mature. Eccentric. Probably not what you think it is.

YouTube has its Own Language:

Launched in 2005, YouTube has had a bit of time to mature and to find its own unique ‘language’.

This is a process all new media go through – when they are first developed, people usually put them to much the same uses as the preceding media. Like when motion pictures were first developed and people only used them to record stage shows and the like, until someone invented new methods of narrative [adapted to film.]

How we’ve grown a global collective consciousness...  

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