Popcorn Maker: A Dead-Simple Drag-and-Drop App For Remixing Web Videos | The Social Media Learning Lab | Scoop.it

As an iMovie'11 fan , I look for a lot of sophistication in a fairly simply package.  Here's an easy app to remix web video simply with cool, easy to use tools.

It makes the most of video using multi-media enhancements like Google Maps, live twitter feeds and pop-up comments.


Popcorn Maker:

  • lets you grab almost any piece of common online media (like videos from YouTube or Vimeo, or SoundCloud audio files) and augment it with clickable interactive widgets.
  • enables paste "Pop Up Video"-style commentary bubbles over your favorite YouTube clip
  • helps you add more sophisticated interactivity like Google Maps, live Twitter feeds, and Wikipedia articles

Via The Digital Rocking Chair