- Using SymbalooEDU as a PLE Organizer in Higher Education;

- Building Identity in an Institutionally Supported Personal Learning Environment - the case of SAPO Campus;

- Steps to Reflect on the Personal Learning Environment. Improving the Learning Process?

- Introducing Personal Learning Environments to Informal Learners: Lessons Learned from the OpenLearn Case Study;

- Developing Work based Personal Learning Environments in Small and Medium Enterprises;

- Enhancing Self Regulated Learning Skills for Improved PLE Use: A Problem Based Learning Approach;

- Sapo Campus Schools as a Disruptive Innovation Tool: Could it be the Educational Ba?

- Pedagogical Practices, Personal Learning Environments and the Future of eLearning;

- The Impact of Culture on Personalization of Learning Environments: Some Theoretical Insights;

- Psychological Ownership and Personal Learning Environments: Do sense of ownership and control really matter? 
- PLE-based ePortfolios: Towards Empowering Student Teachers’ PLEs through ePortfolio Processes;

- Analysis of Personal Learning Networks in Support of Teachers Presence Optimization;

- Future Teachers Looking for their PLEs: the Personalized Learning Process Behind it all;

- “Tips for Making a Movie”, a Learning Object for Autonomous Learning;

- First Time Building of a PLE in an ICT Post Graduation Course: Main Functions and Tools;

- Building Personal Learning Networks through Event- Based Social Media: a Case Study of the SMiLE Project;

- Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Marketplace;

- Just4me: Functional Requirements to Support Informal Self-directed Learning in a Personal Ubiquitous Environment;

- Building a Shared Personal Learning Environment with SAPO Campus;

- Drupal as a Social Hub for Personal Learning;

- Designing and Implementing PLEs in a Secondary School Using Web2.0 Tools;

- Online Learning Communities: from Personal to Social Learning Environments.


Doctoral Consortium
Sapo Campus Schools: Network Learning, Teaching and People;

- Diverse Knowledge Practices through Personal Learning Environments – A theoretical Framework

Via Paulo Simões