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How to ace the pre-screening #Interview

How to ace the pre-screening #Interview | Social Media in Education |

Via Cruise Line Class
Cruise Line Class's curator insight, March 27, 2014 4:57 PM

While it is true that every interview is different, here are some tips to help you ace a pre-screening interview.  I discuss one tip here.


I discuss this in my Congratulations you Aced the Interview book.   


What you need to know:  The sole purpose of the pre-screening interview is to determine that you meet the requirements of the position, are within the salary range, and are a right ffi for the position, and the organization.  Your job is to convince the screener to invite you back to meet with the hiring manager.  Saying "no" to any of their questions regarding any of the job requirements could prevent you from progressing further in the interview process.  Don't ever lie; however, you do want to respond proactively to their questions. 


Preparation is like a triangle -- you need to know yourself, the job, and the company. Please read below to gain advice on how to research the job posting: 


 (JOB)  Preparation starts with the job description or job posting -

 Give yourself sufficient time to review each bullet noted in the job posting. If you have printed the posting, physically check each requirement and task that you have experience with. Be clear on how you will respond to any of the requirements if asked during the interview. 


Prepare to respond proactively to the requirements and tasks that you don't have current experience with.  For example, if you are not familiar with a particular software go online to research the software.  Is it something that you can enroll in an online class for?  How soon do the classes start?


You could also go onto and self teach yourself on most applications.


If you are asked if you have experience with xyz software instead of saying NO ---------

as long as you have followed my advice and done your research you would be prepared to answer something like this....


"I am familiar with xyz software it is similar to the software that I currently use abc.  I have taken classes online with xyz software, and I will be ready to hit the floor runing using this software.



There may be questions that you must answer no; however, your goal when you are in front of the screener is to show them that you meet the qualifications for the position so that they want to pass your resume along to the hiring manager to interview you next.


Hope this advice helps you ace your next interview.  Until next time...PS - Live on Purpose!

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Social Media for Teachers INFOGRAPHIC

Social Media for Teachers INFOGRAPHIC | Social Media in Education |

Via João Greno Brogueira, Juergen Wagner, Lino
schroede's curator insight, March 17, 2014 1:56 PM

Examines four popular social media tools of value to educators:  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Jeffrey Miles's curator insight, March 17, 2014 11:08 PM

I like this infographic of how and why to use social media as an educator.

Amy Burns's curator insight, March 21, 2014 8:26 AM

Interesting statistics!