Social media is a source of endless discussion. With the advent of new tools and / or platforms every day, keep up has become a challenge. But some among the many are the undisputed leaders and decide largely on what will be the future. This slide presentation may give us interesting information on the trends and what might we expect in 2012 and beyond. [note Martin Gysler]

Social networking is the #1 activity online. Even though Google gets the most visitors, Facebook is where most of us are spending our time. And it’s not just about Facebook anymore. We are spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter. While there are some clear major players in the social space, the social media universe continues to expand and 2011 was a banner year for the idea of an "Interest Graph."

In 2011, we saw Google launching Google+ and Pinterest grewing at an astounding rate. Facebook launched "Timeline" and "frictionless sharing" with partners like the much anticipated Spotify. Facebook also acquired design companies and the team behind Gowalla, showing the company’s intent to provide a consistent experience across devices and becoming a more prominent player in the mobile space.

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