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Rescooped by Pauline Mwangi from SEO and Social Media Marketing!

The Old SEO Versus The New SEO [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Old SEO Versus The New SEO [INFOGRAPHIC] | Social media for business |

Neil PAtel has created an infographic that breaks down the old and the new in SEO and explains how you need to adjust your SEO strategy today.

Via Antonino Militello
Pauline Mwangi's insight:

For those of us more relational than techy, the new SEO is more flavorable. Being relational is the best way to retain old clients and at the same time attract new ones.And by creating more user relevant content the you stand a better chance of connecting with the right prospects.





David Duncan's curator insight, November 8, 2014 6:22 AM

Wise words on this simple graphic to follow for great SEO results

Matthew Lenz's curator insight, November 18, 2014 9:40 AM

This was an interesting graphic. I think that using these graphics made it easier to understand the comparison between the new and the old SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We have been learning about this in class recently, so I thought it was interesting to conduct further research.

Scooped by Pauline Mwangi!

How to Win with Social Media and Small Businesses | Social Media ...

How to Win with Social Media and Small Businesses | Social Media ... | Social media for business |
I've been a social media strategist for just over six months, and I've come to one conclusion. My job is not about "doing social media." I've learned that my work is more about customer service, education, word of mouth, ...
Pauline Mwangi's insight:

So media is more than just posting actively on all major social platforms but the ability to hold conversations with clients, current or prospective and address their needs.


And in order to win with social media, we have to stop being swept away by every new tool launched in the market, but identify those that will boost our efficiency in service delivery.

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Rescooped by Pauline Mwangi from SEO and Social Media Marketing!

Social Media is making SEO more personal

Social Media is making SEO more personal | Social media for business |

The game has changed.


Now, in 2013 and beyond, Social Media is playing an increasingly important role in how your blog content ranks in Search Engines.


'Social signals continue to correlate very well with better rankings' – SearchMetrics'


SearchMetrics found that Google +1s, Tweets, Pinterest shares and all Facebook activity (shares, likes & comments) had a significant correlation to higher search engine placement. In fact the only non-social measure in the top 8 correlating measure was the number of backlinks.


And it looks like social media signals will become increasingly important to SEO for the foreseeable future.


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Via Antonino Militello
Pauline Mwangi's insight:

The challenge this presents is the ability to create a vibrant community on social media. Since the more vibrant your community is, then the more successful your posts will be as they will be shared severally within the commmunity, hence increasing brand visibility.


That said, it is a good problem since we all have the capacity to network and create great communities.

ItsMenaJo (GetGeekemarketing)'s curator insight, September 29, 2013 1:52 PM

Good point about re-sharing old blog posts. These can be repurposed as well, to give old content a new dimension. It's easy to share the new stuff but let's not forget some of the oldies...

Jim Niemela's curator insight, October 1, 2013 11:42 PM

Social Media plays a bigger role now than ever before in SEO.

LAT Multilingual's curator insight, October 2, 2013 3:49 PM

It's always good to see how social media is growing in importance and reading that it is beginning to have more of a bearing on SEO is good news.