The Art Of Seductive Landing Pages | Small Business Marketing |

People don’t just want to be educated about what you offer. They want to be seduced.

Yes, seduced.

Being seduced is an exhilarating experience. 


First, recognize that seduction is not synonymous with deception. Being seduced is fun. Being deceived is not. It’s unfortunate that shady advertisers have conflated the two. But the world’s best brands pursue “honest seduction,” touching us emotionally as a way to begin a genuine, mutually rewarding relationship.


So while I fully recommend incorporating the best principles of content marketing in your conversion optimization — educating, informing, and leading thoughts — I implore you to communicate more than that. Impart the spirit of your organization, your brand, speaking to the heart as well as the mind.

Here are two suggestions to make your landing pages more seductive...

Via Giuseppe Mauriello, Martin Gysler