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Lingspot is an enterprise level content curation platform capable of automatic content aggregation, filtering and in-depth content editing.


The Lingspot platform is made up by two key components: 

The Mixer, which allows you to aggregate unlimited content sources via RSS or via direct API hookup and to filter them according to your own specific criteria. More info: http://corp.lingospot.com/products/algorithmicpublishing/mixer/  


The Editor, which makes it easy even for the non-technical publisher to turn the curated content streams into complete self-updating pages. More info: http://corp.lingospot.com/products/algorithmicpublishing/editor/ 


Key Features:


a) Through a variety of third party relationships, Lingospot can aggregate topic-targeted multimedia, including photos and videos from professional sources (such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg, NBC, CBS, Forbes, etc.), as well as user generated photos and video, such as from Flickr and YouTube.


b) Whether it's books on Amazon or auction items on eBay, Lingospot can aggregate product information related to a specific topic. This topic-specific merchandise can be purchased by your readers with only a few clicks.


c) Lingospot allows your readers to initiate a conversation about a specific topic on the page where you are aggregating content about the topic. This turns every Topic page created by Lingospot into a micro community, where readers can connect with other readers interested in that topic.


Key features and tech specifications: http://corp.lingospot.com/products/algorithmicpublishing/specs/ 


Case studies and examples and examples of companies using Lingospot: http://corp.lingospot.com/customers/casestudies/ 


Pricing: a basic account starts at $500/month.

See more info here: http://corp.lingospot.com/products/algorithmicpublishing/pricing/ 



Find out more: http://corp.lingospot.com/products/algorithmicpublishing/  


(Reviewed by Robin Good)

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