Ten Steps to Content Curation | Social Media Content Curation | Scoop.it
Content Curation involves setting your content free, targeting the right market segments, organizing your content and be discerning with who you are sharing it with.

Ten Steps to Content Curation:
1) Get a grasp of your market focus.
2) Understand what topics are important to and will resonate with your target market.
3) Who are the thought leaders, influencers, bloggers, editors/reporters/digerati.
4) What content platform will reach your target market.
5) Timing of content publishing and curating is essential.
6) Create good content and the market will follow.
7) Be original – pick your band or rock star encompassing Bruce Springsteen to Lady Gaga.
8) Organize your content.
9) Be discerning when sharing content.
10) Set your content free!