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Perhaps the biggest pain point for many organizations isn’t getting their video online, but rather getting their video created in the first place. Whether you need to create your own content, have your customers or employees create it for you, or collect it from other sources, there are ways to get high-quality video content on your site without breaking the bank.

At the Online Video Platform Summit, this session, "But What About the Content? Curation, Aggregation, and Creation", examines the growing field of video curation and aggregation services, as well as offer pointers for getting your own content made quickly and inexpensively.

According to panelist Steve Rosenbaum, an evangelist on the power of curation who recently released his new book, "Curation Nation: How to Win in a World Where Consumers are Creators", we are drowning in data and curation is the only way to remain competitive in the future. Rosenbaum says that information overload has led to publishers to shift from being an authority, to curating a conversation.

Watch the video below for more of the discussion.