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Making dynamic use of social media and technology to enhance education and learning. Interesting information on education, technology and educational technologies.
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Why Should Techies Care About Education Theory?

Why Should Techies Care About Education Theory? | Social Media Classroom |

"Earlier this year, I penned a post titled 'The Audrey Test' in which I laid out a number of topics with which I argued education technologists (particularly ed-tech entrepreneurs) needed to be familiar if I was to take them at all seriously. The response – both in the comments section and elsewhere – were fairly revealing, I thought, particularly as some folks sneered at the notion that learning theories, histories, or sciences were at all relevant to building ed-tech products, services or businesses." 


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The Trouble With Online Education

The Trouble With Online Education | Social Media Classroom |
Internet courses are monologues. True learning is a dialogue.


Online education is a paradigm shift for many, one that I encourage...but must it be the paradigm shift for all?  There are strengths and weaknesses in both face-to-face and online education...I still prefer to have a classroom and infuse that with digital communication.   

Neize Ribeiro da Silva's comment, October 14, 2012 4:48 PM
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