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Social Media Classroom
Making dynamic use of social media and technology to enhance education and learning. Interesting information on education, technology and educational technologies.
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Rescooped by Seth Dixon from Geography Education!

Seven Tools for Creating Data Visualizations

Seven Tools for Creating Data Visualizations | Social Media Classroom |

Digital tools have faciliated an easier way to visually represent complex data and information in ways at are logical and intuitive.  This blog post outlines tools that students can use (read: free!) along with basic tutorials to demonstrate their functionalities. 

Fabryka Prezentacji's comment, February 5, 2012 8:05 AM
Great one, thanks. Re-shared.
Scooped by Seth Dixon!

Map My Followers

Map My Followers | Social Media Classroom |

This is a great site that combines the power of geography and social media.  You can map the wher your twitter followers are (if they make the data publicly available).  Additionally, you can pan, zoom and identify specific followers.  Can you find yourself on this map (followers of @APHumanGeog)?

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