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Social Media Classroom
Making dynamic use of social media and technology to enhance education and learning. Interesting information on education, technology and educational technologies.
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The History Of Learning Tools

The History Of Learning Tools | Social Media Classroom |

Educational technologies continue to change...this infographic is look at the history and evolution of educational technologies. 

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At least 20 tools that might help you curate something

At least 20 tools that might help you curate something | Social Media Classroom |

If you are looking for a deeper look into curating, it can be found. I want to build a curation tool, so I am working my way though my backlog of pinboard links about curation. Here I have a list of all the tools I can find that would be considered curation tools.


Consumer / Personal Tools


Stellar :

Storify :

Bundlr :

Scoop It :

Curated By :

Thoora :

Postpost :

Snipi :

trap!t :

scrible :

faveous :

memonic :

Bag The Web :


And more at Rumproarious :

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Seth Dixon's comment, February 8, 2012 12:56 PM
I was just telling my students to find digital resources to curate news for a semester long project...glad to find this.
Karen du Toit's comment, February 9, 2012 7:17 AM
Gust MEES's comment, February 9, 2012 5:56 PM
@Seth Dixon, Ph.D.

Glad that it is helpful for You and your students. So students can also use different tools and later compare...
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More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years

Search, links, media sharing, social media, Wikipedia, games, open source etc. are ground breaking shifts in the way we learn, says Donald Clark. Unfortunate...


This TED talk highlights the shift changes that are revolutionizing educational practices.  Transformations is communication technologies has freed education from both spatial and temporal constraints of the past.  Social media technologies has made numerous shifts that some educators have resisted.  Donald Clark ends the talk with this poignant ending: "You can ignore it, but resistance is futile." 


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Should we be teaching knowledge or skills?

Should we be teaching knowledge or skills? | Social Media Classroom |
A head of English gets to the heart of the curriculum debate and shares his X Factor-based teaching resource on using solo taxonomy...


Because if you believe in what Ian Gilbert calls The Great Educational Lie (do well at school and you'll get a good job) then passing exams is fine. But if you believe that "to succeed in business you need to break the rules" then we have a responsibility to teach content in a way that also teaches skills, dispositions and competencies needed to make our children indispensible in an uncertain future.


Some have asked me "why teach students in a digital environment if it's more work for you?"  Digital skills that the social media classroom seek to provide our students are going to become increasingly important in the workforce of tomorrow. We don't just teach content, we teach students; they will forget most lessons but if they have the tools to find the answers for themselves, our work will be done.      

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