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"Managing information overload requires tools that deliver “awareness” of topics and filter out irrelevant information will become indispensable.


The challenge is do to so without loosing the ability to make unexpected discoveries.


Content discovery engines provide several advantages over other tools.


These are: 


1) Follow topics, not people: ...Content discovery engines help manage information overload because they are focused on topics, rather than people.


2) Go directly to the Source and avoid distractions: ...Social networks and publishing platforms are not a good place for information professionals to be productive. Such platforms want users to stay on their sites as long as possible. 


3) Monitor one channel instead of twenty-five: The focus on specific topics that characterizes discovery engines allows users to stay informed in one single place. 

4) Discover the unexpected: A discovery engine allows users to learn what they don’t know about a topic and observe events that, for them, are unexpected.

5) Benefit from others’ curation efforts: Most content discovery engines engage users in the curation process. This can accelerate the identification of the most valuable content before having to read it. Insights can be gained on whether a piece of content is worth consuming based on a number of user-generated indicators such as tags, comments, ratings, summaries and so on.


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