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Humanising a brand is the best way of endearing people to your company. Of course, like all things in life, it’s easier said than done but worth it in the long-run.


Building up a personality takes effort and finding one that fits into your overall company message, and takes into account the strengths of your team isn’t the easiest.


Deciding Upon An Identity

If you had five words to describe your business, what would they be? Serious? Fun? Easy Going? Funny? Informative? Lighthearted?


Put A Face To The Name

Since you’ll be dealing with people on a regular basis, sometimes a move as simple as putting a face to the name is helpful.


What’s Your Look?

Presentation is always key. Let’s say you were being introduced to two people for a business deal and you could only choose one.



What’s The Tone Of Your Business?

The message of your company and the style will help shape the kind of brand voice you’re looking for. Is it going to be serious and to the point, or will you be using fun and colourful language to sell your product?


How Do You Connect?

Perhaps one of the most important factors here, how you communicate with your consumers and audience is the key to building up a solid relationship.

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