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An Infographic Field Guide to Navigating Social Media

An Infographic Field Guide to Navigating Social Media | Social Media |
Why should you use a specific social media network? Learn which network is best for you, how much time it will take and why you should use it in this social media infographic.

The social media infographic includes key stats, target markets, audiences and the time commitment for each network.

Via Lauren Moss
Stéphane Hardel's curator insight, December 15, 2013 6:50 AM

Chose your own social media

thomas junillon's curator insight, December 16, 2013 4:53 AM

Chiffres-clés sur les principaux réseaux sociaux : twitter, Google+, Facebook...

Toujours bons à avoir sous la main pour conforter vos dires !

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5 Benefits of Utilizing Pinterest As Part of Your Marketing Plan

5 Benefits of Utilizing Pinterest As Part of Your Marketing Plan | Social Media |

Pinterest is the third largest social media site on the internet and can be used to benefit any company in many various ways. Although there are many different ways that utilizing Pinterest could benefit your company, below are the top five reasons:

1. Pinterest is a great way to promote and market your business online for free.
In today’s visual world that we live in, pinning “info graphics” that are relevant to your targeted audience and “info graphics” about your product and business is a great way to advertise through Pinterest. When a follower pins or repins your photos, a hyperlink will also be displayed noting the site it originated from. Also adding a “Follow Me on Pinterest” button to your company website will help promote your page.

2. Showcase new products.
Pinterest is also a great way to showcase your newest products and ideas. A lot of company’s pin pictures of newly arrived merchandise and apparel weekly so followers can see the latest inventory available. It has started to replace the normal online catalog of products.

3. Learning more about potential new employees.
Pinterest can be a great resource when hiring new employees. It is very important that new employees fit in and work well with current employees. Looking at potential employees Pinterest page will give you a glimpse into who they are, what they like, and what they stand for. It is much like a resume although in pictures and allows the employers to see how the person presents themselves to the public. Many job seekers are using Pinterest as a part of their resume already.

4. Keep on top of current trends
Many businesses are using Pinterest for inspiration. The social media site is a great way to stay up to date with trends, generate new business ideas, and even find new potential business opportunities. Sharing what inspires your company with pictures will inspire others and establish your company as a leader in your field of expertise.

5. Showcase Giveaways
Who doesn’t love free stuff? Use Pinterest to generate website traffic and increase sales by having giveaways of branded items on your Pinterest page. Have a daily theme pin that your business shares and asks its followers to participate by pinning their answers back to you in pictures. These type of reoccurring games keep people coming back daily and answers being repinned which leads to more followers.


Overall Pinterest has grown largely since it first launched in 2010. Falling only behind Facebook and Google Plus, Pinterest has proven itself in the social media trend upon all of us. Pinterest is becoming more commonly used by businesses rather than just individuals, and it is revolutionizing the world of online business advertising.


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Why Content is the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing

Why Content is the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing | Social Media |
Social media marketing requires content that is compelling and contagious. It requires content that begs to be shared. It requires content that is so liquid that it spreads globally and virally.
Andrea Remmert's insight:

Original content is crucial to a marketing plan and will get you big points in ranks.

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Integrating Social Media with other Media is the Key! | Marketing Director Blog

Integrating Social Media with other Media is the Key! | Marketing Director Blog | Social Media |

How are you integrating social media at your workplace? If you are not spending time integrating, you may be headed in the wrong direction....After working with social media platforms, I have really found the key to success is “Integration”.


Integration of social media into other forms of marketing media and business processes is the key to success. At some point, I think the term social media will go away and people will once again refer more to the internet as a whole rather than social media.Here are some great ways to integrate social media into your current marketing media and your business processes...

Via Jeff Domansky
Danielle Petersen's comment, September 26, 2013 7:48 AM
@Lily Tran I agree with Lily. The points in the article were to the point and explained in detail so that you got a full understanding of what it was they were discussing. I totally agree with the statement “Social Media isn’t the answer, it’s part of the system” While yes, Social media is now a massive part of everyday life, it is not going to be right for every business or every customer, for this, it is good to make sure you have ways you are contactable through social media (i.e facebook twitter and the like) but ensure you have other ways to be contacted and other platforms you advertise on.
DavidShin's comment, September 26, 2013 9:26 AM
@lily Tran, I agree with your comment that Social Media is almost the Key marketing method these days.. especially for most small businesses! as it attracts their target market and the usage of social media apps,websites,mobiles etc are constantly increasing and the gap between mobile users and non mobile users are shrinking by the second.
Brochures are very good, I personally think that the motivation level must be quite high to read a brochure and then go on to potentially seeking for more information through social media pages because people will not risk to waste time to show interest on brochures that are irrelevant to them... especially with current times where people are living faster than ever.
Jooyoung Kim's curator insight, May 12, 2014 9:45 AM

According to this article, the key to successful business is integrating social media with other media. The secret to successful "Integration" is the transformation of social media into marketing media and business processes. Some ways of integrating social media into current marketing includes the use of brochures, content marketing, tradeshow marketing, client services, invitations, job recruiting, developing new leads, and keeping in contact with current clients. These help to ensure effective promotion and exposure of businesses in the market. However the article did emphasise the fact that social media is not always successful. That being so, it is important to  continue to focus on sales, creating new accounts and retaining current accounts. 

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13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics [Infographic]

13 Reasons Your Brain Craves Infographics [Infographic] | Social Media |
This is downright spooky. It's an interactive infographic all about why your brain craves infographics. Food for thought!

Via Gust MEES, Jim Lerman, Ally Greer
Andrea Remmert's insight:

It's all about images now. 

Caroline Price's comment, July 16, 2013 5:56 AM
Draw pictures!
ghbrett's curator insight, July 23, 2013 8:49 AM

As the old saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." This also reminds me of Malcomb Gladwell's book, "Blink." Amazon:

Bruce McDuffee's curator insight, August 20, 2013 2:53 PM

It's important to keep in mind your audience and how the ideal prospect likes to consume content.  Scientists or engineers for example my consume or respect different media than consumers of clothing or electronics.

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5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan

5 Ways Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Plan | Social Media |
These strategies can help increase your reach -- and revenue.


From Levi’s to the local craft foods shop, businesses of all sizes are flocking to Facebook’s free photo-sharing app Instagram, hoping to get noticed by its 80 million active users and expand their reach.


What makes Instagram different from other social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter? It's almost entirely photo-based and available only on Apple iOS and Android mobile phones and devices. Instagram has emerged as an effective marketing tool because companies can quickly build brand recognition and consumer loyalty through an ongoing stream of photos that help personalize their brand.


That Greek yogurt brand Chobani for example. In just a matter of weeks after joining Instagram a year and a half ago, Chobani (@Chobani) attracted a loyal clique of some 9,000 “Chobaniac” followers, which helped catapult the company from little-known to must-have. Chobani generated buzz about its brand on Instagram by encouraging followers to share their own pictures and holding weekly contests. A recent Chobani Instagram contest showcased Chobani fans' photos of their favorite yogurt mix-in ingredients. Chobani chose a winning fan picture each week and awarded winners free cases of yogurt.


How can you use Instagram to take your marketing to the next level? Start with these five tips.

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The Importance of Online Presence for Small Business Owners

The Importance of Online Presence for Small Business Owners | Social Media |
The importance of being online for small business owners.
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Elevate Your Brand's Online Presence with Social Awesomizers

Elevate Your Brand's Online Presence with Social Awesomizers | Social Media |
Elevate Your Brand's Online Presence with Social Awesomizers. Posted by jtolman to ... Travis Wright gained a great infographic to help him create a cohesive story, and Rise Interactive elevated their brand's online presence.
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