Engagement-driven Narrative Design (or How to Build Discovery and Advocacy into your Transmedia Storytelling) | Storytelling by Química visual | Social Media as Content & Audience Aggregator | Scoop.it
The first diagram in this post presents a virtuous circle for an interactive storyworld that binds the story to social discovery and advocacy.  The questions that the narrative designer or transmedia storyteller asks herself are: What social...


While this article is maybe a bit overbuilt for our common business stories that we craft and share, the questions posed here are dynamite.


Almost all of our business stories should be designed to move people to action.  That's the difference between Hollywood stories and business/nonprofit/social cause stories.


This article walks you through the essential questions you need to be asking yourself as you craft your business stories.  And gives some great diagrams to illustrate the story dynamics & engagement process.


Some of the other diagrams about creating an entire story world for transmedia storytelling could also be useful. It just depends on how you want to strategically design and use your stories.


So there are insights to be gleaned from this article on several different levels.  Enjoy!

Via Dr. Karen Dietz