Amy O'Leary, a news editor and multimedia producer for The New York Times, presents the final keynote address of the Narrative Arc conference. Her presentation, "Beyond the 'Like' Button: Digitally Addictive Storytelling and the Brain," discusses the brain and its relationship to immediate news.

This is an amazing video that falls into the category of "making us smarter" about our work.

I am still digesting this presentation, which is about an hour long. But I'm fascinated by it -- and it explains so much about how/why social media and storytelling works so well together. And what is missing when the two don't work.  

In my book, the more we know the mechanics of how/why social media and storytelling works, the more command we have of our tools, and the greater success we can have.

So if you want to know why "like" buttons work and how to integrate storytelling into social media for outstanding results, then run -- don't walk -- to view this video!

Then for another interesting and fascinating twist, check out the next article on "The Universal Language of Story." The 2 videos together are a double whammy of "ah-hah's" and inspiration.

Via Dr. Karen Dietz