Facebook 'Likes' can reveal your sexuality, ethnicity, politics, and your parent's divorce | Social Media and its influence | Scoop.it
Big data is not your friend because it can easily be used to reveal highly personal information...


Big data is the Stasi of our online worlds

There are many "silent listeners" in social networks that collect people's "Likes" and other online behaviors so that the information can be sold discretely to third parties. Facebook, Google, and all other social networks, also collect such behavioral information. 


===> While the companies say that their behavioral Big Data is stripped of users' names, it is possible to use other databases such as electoral records, demographic information, and location data, to identify individuals by name. 

It's essentially a secret dossier on more than a 1 billion social network users. <===


While this dossier is fragmented at the moment, sophisticated new technologies will soon make it trivial to pull together a massive amount of sensitive private data on every individual that interacts with the Internet in any way.